Adam Lepley

Hi… I’m Adam

I’m a software architect, developer, designer … as full stack as they come. I’ve been building software for 15 years and truly enjoy building software that both delights users and delivers value. I believe the only way we can successfully achieve that is by applying empathic design.

"The foundation of empathic design is observation and the goal to identify latent customer needs in order to create products that the customers don't even know they desire, or, in some cases, solutions that customers have difficulty envisioning due to lack of familiarity with the possibilities offered by new technologies or because they are locked in a specific mindset." - Wikipedia

Applying empathic design, coupled with my experience building software solutions from the ground up has proved to be successful for my clients. I also have a great track record of leading collabritive teams and mentoring developers as needed.


15 Years of Experience


2020 - Current
Americo (PSC Group)

Solution Architect

This project was a mobile warehouse management application which was built as an extension onto of an existing custom application. The main goal of the app was to give warehouse users the ability to transact inventory and assign production order on mobile devices. Also designed forecasting dashboard to help calculate upcoming labor and material costs.

This application was built using Xamarin with .Net Core web services and a SQL server database.

My role on this project was designing the user experience, defining the web services that needed to be created, and identifying all required database changes. Created and managed developer tasks and help direct the flow of development.

2016 - 2020
Wheels (PSC Group)

Solution Architect / Lead Developer

This project was a long-term engagement in which PSC assisted Wheels in building their first public mobile app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The original goal of the application was to replace a web-based system used to track mileage and provide drivers with necessary documents. Over the year we add many new features, some of which include GPS tracking / stop detection, integration with emergency tow services, customer configured rental system and violation payments.

The application was built using Xamarin with .Net Core web services running within Docker containers hosted on Azure and integrated with on-premise enterprise systems.

My original role on this project was to create a proof-of-concept mobile application that successfully integrated with their back-end infrastructure. That effort was successful and lead to muti-year engagement with many feature enhancements. I was responsible for the full stack architecture of the mobile solution and serve as lead developer on many new features.

2015 - 2016
Gallagher (PSC Group)

Front End Developer

This project was helping build a variety of small document management solutions on top of the SharePoint platform.

My role on this project focused heavily on making administration processes more efficient and creating simple user interfaces to automate repetitive tasks. Mostly write code using .Net on the server side and Angular for the UI.

2010 - 2015
WMS Gaming

Senior Manager of Custom Development

Managed a team of developers (4-6) building internal application across a range of various business functions. The technical stack was primarily .Net, but often needed to integrate with other systems. 

2005 - 2010
WMS Gaming

Senior Manager of Product Support (Call Center)

Managed 24/7 Call Center operations that that offer technical product support, field dispatch, and other customer services.

In addition to overseeing call center operations, I was tasked with developing several critical software solutions for various departments. During these projects, I was responsible for the architecting and developing the solutions, managing a software developer (consultant) and communicating / training the solution to end users.

General Skills


UI / UX Design




.Net (C#)








Entity Framework







Office 365

Power Apps

Power Automate


Visual Studio

VS Code





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