Around a year ago, I transition to developing on a Mac daily after 10+ years elusively developing on a Windows PC. I started a large Xamarin project building a iOS app, and it made the most sense to get dive in a develop directly on the Mac.

A year later, I’ve gotten pretty used to MacOS, love the hardware, and been using Visual Studio for Mac for my Xamarin and .Net Core projects. One library i’ve been waiting eagerly to develop on the mac is Microsoft Bot Framework, using C#. Sure, Node.js is a viable option for developers on Mac, with I’ve done in my pervious pose, but what can I say, I love C#.

After a long wait, Microsoft has recently released a version of the Bot Framework which runs on .Net Core, which they announced here. This now opens up the ability to not only build and run the Bot Framework on a Mac, but also within a Docker container.

Unfortunately, there are no project templates created yet for Bot Framework running on .Net core, but that’s not going to stop me. I’ll be sure to blog my experence as I venture down this path.

**Update 1.20.2018
Wrote a blog which covers the steps I took to get this running on a Mac.

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