This is a quick reference for registering a bot in Azure.

First, log into the Azure portal and in the search type in “Bot Channels Registrations”…

The next page (blade) will have you enter a bot name, and select normal subscription/resource group and location dropdowns. Also, you must select a pricing tier, and in my case I’m choosing their free pricing tier which allows for 10K messages per month, which is more then enough…

Once the Bot has been provisioned/registered, open the Bot and select the settings menu item which will show AppID. You will need that App ID to add to your code. Then click the Manage link…

Here you can generate a new password by clicking the “Generate New Password” button. Be sure to copy this password as you are not able to see this password again. You will need to password when building your bot.

That’s it. Easy-pisy!

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